Why us? - Why publish with us?

  With Research-publishing.net, articles in edited books and proceedings are:
     peer-reviewed by at least two researchers;
     screened for similarity against previously published works using CrossCheck;
     copy edited and proofread;
     assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), so that the DOI uniquely identifies the content item and provides a persistent link to the article location on the internet;
     published under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives (CC BY-NC-ND) licence;
     freely available online as a pdf format for anybody to read, download, copy, distribute, and transmit provided that the authors, editors and publisher are properly cited;
     hosted by you on your personal webpage (if you can) and us;
     listed on a landing page marked up with microdata via schema.org to embed semantic information in HTML which facilitates indexing by search engines;
     indexed in Google Books, Google scholar, in the CrossCheck database and in ERIC; other free and fully open indexing solutions being currently considered.

  In addition, books are:
     available in Google Books full view;
     published under other formats such as Kindle Amazon and/or paperback (print on demand, if size requirements are met);
     registered with Nielson BookData Information Service;
     catalogued with British Library Cataloguing-in-Publication Data;
     sent to the Legal Deposit Office at the British Library (UK);
     sent to the Legal Deposit Office at The National Library of Ireland, The Library of Trinity College, The Library of the University of Limerick, The Library of Dublin City University, The Library of NUI Cork, The Library of NUI Maynooth, The Library of University College Dublin, The Library of NUI Galway (Ireland);
     sent to the Legal Deposit Office at the Bibliothèque National de France (France);
     assigned ISBNs to each publication format;
     available worldwide on Research-publishing.net, Lulu.com, Amazon (with “look inside” option), Barnes & Noble, and Ingram.

Research-publishing.net's website is licenced under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence.