20 Years of EUROCALL: Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

Edited by Linda Bradley, Sylvie Thouësny.


DOI: 10.14705/rpnet.2013.9781908416131
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Publication date: 2013-11-30
Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0
Language: English

20 Years of EUROCALL: Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future

Book description

The 2013 EUROCALL Proceedings offer a rich variety of articles on various subjects such as online vocabulary and reading, personal learning environment, speech acts, videogames, collaboration and interaction, discourse markers, blended learning, corrective feedback, social networks, mobile technologies, podcasts, and second life to name but a few. The peer-reviewed edited volume contains 41 articles, all presented at the 2013 EUROCALL Conference held in Portugal. In total, there are 76 authors. The Contributors page lists all individuals who were, at some stage, involved in the publication of these proceedings. The theme of the conference was “20 Years of EUROCALL: Learning from the Past, Looking to the Future. As written by Maria João Marçalo and Ana Alexandra Silva in their foreword, “the conference seeked to establish an overview of EUROCALL’s twentieth anniversary. As a professional organisation, EUROCALL has been aiming, along its 20 years of existence, to promote innovative research, development and practice in the area of Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Technology Enhanced Language Learning (TELL) in education and training. During 20 years the organization has brought together educators, researchers, PhD students, administrators, designers of software and language learning systems, government representatives, equipment and software suppliers and other professionals involved in CALL and TELL.

Table of contents

Marçalo, Maria João; Silva, Ana Alexandra.
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p. vii
Conference Committees
Bradley, Linda; Thouësny, Sylvie.
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p. x
Establishing an Online Vocabulary Levels Test by Using Flash Incorporating COPS Theory
Aizawa, Kazumi; Iso, Tatsuo.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000130 | Export citation
p. 1
Conceptions of Personal Learning Environments Among EFL Teachers at Upper Secondary Level in Sweden
Allen, Christopher.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000131 | Export citation
p. 7
Speech Acts in a Virtual World: Design and Implementation
Arvanitis, Panagiotis.
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p. 14
An Investigation into Multi-level Components of Online Reading Fluency
Atkins, Andrew.
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p. 18
Critically Evaluating Prensky in a Language Learning Context: The "Digital Natives/Immigrants Debate" and its Implications for CALL
Benini, Silvia; Murray, Liam.
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p. 25
Non-native Speakers Learning Swedish Together in Virtual Interaction
Bergman, Hilkka; Tedremaa-Levorato, Kristiina.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000135 | Export citation
p. 31
Videogame-like Applications to Enhance Autonomous Learning
Berns, Anke; Valero-Franco, Concepción.
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p. 38
A Constructionist Approach to Student Modelling: Tracing a Student's Constructions Through an Agent-based Tutoring Architecture
Beuls, Katrien.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000137 | Export citation
p. 45
Separating Fact and Fiction: The Real Story of Corpus Use in Language Teaching
Boulton, Alex.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000138 | Export citation
p. 51
German-French Case Study: Using Multi-Online Tools to Collaborate Across Borders
Brautlacht, Regina; Ducrocq, Csilla.
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p. 57
Online Role-plays: Combining Situational and Interactional Authenticity in Foreign Language Learning
Correia Martins, Maria de Lurdes; Moreira, Gillian; Moreira, António.
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p. 64
Discourse Markers in Italian as L2 in Face to Face vs. Computer Mediated Settings
De Marco, Anna; Leone, Paola.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000141 | Export citation
p. 71
Developing Phonological Awareness in Blended-learning Language Courses
Dell’Aria, Carmela; Incalcaterra McLoughlin, Laura.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000142 | Export citation
p. 78
Written Corrective Feedback and Peer Review in the BYOD Classroom
Ferreira, Daniel.
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p. 86
E-xperience Erasmus: Online Journaling as a Tool to Enhance Students' Learning Experience of their Study Visit Abroad
Gabaudan, Odette.
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p. 93
A Facebook Project for Japanese University Students (2): Does It Really Enhance Student Interaction, Learner Autonomy, and English Abilities?
Hamada, Mayumi.
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p. 98
A Chinese-French Case Study of English Language Learning via Wikispaces, Animoto and Skype
Hartwell, Laura M.; Zou, Bin.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000146 | Export citation
p. 106
Listeners' Responses in Interaction Through Videoconferencing for Presentation Practices
Iino, Atsushi; Yabuta, Yukiko; Nakamura, Yoichi.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000147 | Export citation
p. 112
The Use of New Technologies for the Teaching of the Igbo Language in Schools: Challenges and Prospects
Iloene, Modesta I.; Iloene, George O.; Mbah, Evelyn E.; Mbah, Boniface M.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000148 | Export citation
p. 117
The European Project TILA
Jauregi, Kristi; Melchor-Couto, Sabela; Vilar Beltrán, Elina.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000149 | Export citation
p. 123
Using Smart Phones in Language Learning – A Pilot Study to Turn CALL into MALL
Kétyi, András.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000150 | Export citation
p. 129
Data-Driven Learning of Speech Acts Based on Corpora of DVD Subtitles
Kitao, S. Kathleen; Kitao, Kenji.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000151 | Export citation
p. 135
Expert Views on How Language Education May Develop in the Next 20 Years and What CALL Could Contribute
Koenraad, Ton.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000152 | Export citation
p. 141
iTILT and SmartVET: 2 EU Projects to Promote Effective Interactive Whiteboard Use in Language and Vocational Education
Koenraad, Ton; Whyte, Shona; Cutrim Schmid, Euline.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000153 | Export citation
p. 149
Learning French Through Ethnolinguistic Activities and Individual Support
Lafond, Celia; Spang Bovey, Nadia.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000154 | Export citation
p. 158
Interactive Whiteboards in Japanese Education
Liversidge, Gordon.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000155 | Export citation
p. 164
Exploring Culture-related Content in the COCA with Task-based Activities in the EFL Classroom
Lopes, António.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000156 | Export citation
p. 169
Creating and Nurturing a Community of Practice for Language Teachers in Higher Education
MacKinnon, Teresa.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000157 | Export citation
p. 175
Podcasts for Learning English Pronunciation in Igboland: Students' Experiences and Expectations
Mbah, Evelyn E.; Mbah, Boniface M.; Iloene, Modesta I.; Iloene, George O.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000158 | Export citation
p. 183
Understanding Presence, Affordance and the Time/Space Dimensions for Language Learning in Virtual Worlds
Nocchi, Susanna; Blin, Françoise.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000159 | Export citation
p. 188
The Impact of Employing Mobile Technologies and PCs for Learning Coursera Online Lectures and TOEIC Practice Kit
Obari, Hiroyuki.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000160 | Export citation
p. 194
Developing a Virtual Learning Community for LSP Applications
Panagiotidis, Panagiotis.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000161 | Export citation
p. 200
Toward Mobile Assisted Language Learning Apps for Professionals that Integrate Learning into the Daily Routine
Pareja-Lora, Antonio; Arús-Hita, Jorge; Read, Timothy; Rodríguez-Arancón, Pilar; Calle-Martínez, Cristina; Pomposo, Lourdes; Martín-Monje, Elena; Bárcena, Elena.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000162 | Export citation
p. 206
Developing Swedish Spelling Exercises on the ICALL Platform Lärka
Pijetlovic, Dijana; Volodina, Elena.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000163 | Export citation
p. 211
Automatic Selection of Suitable Sentences for Language Learning Exercises
Pilán, Ildikó; Volodina, Elena; Johansson, Richard.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000164 | Export citation
p. 218
Further Investigation Into the Reuse of OERs for Language Teaching
Pulker, Hélène.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000165 | Export citation
p. 226
Categorization of Digital Games in English Language Learning Studies: Introducing the SSI Model
Sundqvist, Pia.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000166 | Export citation
p. 231
Use of Discussion Board and PaperShow in Translation Class
Takewa, Mika.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000167 | Export citation
p. 238
Designing Pro-telecollaboration Teacher Training: Some Insights Based on the OCEAN Personality Measures
Turula, Anna.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000168 | Export citation
p. 244
Do Students Share the Same Experience in an Online Language Exchange Programme? – The Chinese-French eTandem Case
Wang Szilas, Jue; Zhang, Ling; Berger, Claudia.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000169 | Export citation
p. 250
C4 (C quad): Development of the Application for Language Learning Based on Social and Cognitive Presences
Yamada, Masanori; Goda, Yoshiko; Matsukawa, Hideya; Hata, Kojiro; Yasunami, Seisuke.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2013.000170 | Export citation
p. 258
Author Index
Bradley, Linda; Thouësny, Sylvie.
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Name Index
Bradley, Linda; Thouësny, Sylvie.
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p. 267

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