Funder policy

Funders may provide grant money to cover the costs to publish an article in an open access model. There are an increasing number of funding bodies; different funders means different requirements with respect to, for instance, repositories and Creative Commons licences.

While our open access contributor agreement is based on a CC BY-NC-ND licence, we are aware that your funder may require publication under the CC-BY licence, which allows reuse without prior permission and with no restriction, apart from acknowledging authorship. The CC-BY licence is not our preferred Creative Commons licence, but we will make arrangements if your funder requires publication under another licence than the one we usually use.

Authors who publish with us can deposit the version of the article accepted for publication in their own institution’s repository (Compliance via Green Open Access archiving). They can also deposit the final publisher's version of their article and share it with anybody (Compliance via Gold Open Access Publication). In any case, authors retain the copyright to their work.

Please check the open access and data archiving policies of your institution or funding agency, and let us know their requirements. We can be flexible.'s website is licenced under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence.