Open Access

What is Open Access?
What does Green Open Access mean?
What does Gold Open Access mean?

Starting a publishing project

I want to edit a book project, how do I start?
What is a call for paper?
Why do I need a reading committee?
I have no idea of how to proceed, what should I do?
How much does it cost to publish a book in open access?

Submission of articles

How do I submit an article for publication?
How do I prepare my manuscript?
What files can I use?
What format should I supply my figures in?
How much would it cost to have my figures printed in colour?

Obtaining permissions from other publications

What is plagiarism?
What is CrossCheck?
What if I want to re-use material from another source in my article?
What if I want to re-use material from one of my other sources in my new article?
How do I find out who the copyright holder is?
Is there any specific wording I should use in my letter requesting permission?
Do you have a template letter that I can use to apply for permission?

Editing process

Will my article be peer reviewed?
What does blind peer review mean?
What does open peer review mean?
How long does it take to know whether my manuscript is accepted?
Why do I have to fill in a statement of responsibility?
What is a statement of responsibility?


What proofs will I receive and how will I get these?
What are uncorrected proofs?
What are corrected proofs?
I have just received my uncorrected proof, what do I do?
What can I do if I spot some more errors after returning my corrections?


What is a copyright?
Do I need to sign a copyright form?
How do I send my signed copyright form?
Who is the copyright holder?

After publication

Will I receive any free offprints?
Will I be sent a pdf of the final version of my article?
How can I access my article?
How should I cite my article?
What is a DOI?
Do I need permission to reuse one of my tables, figures, illustrations?
Do I need permission to reuse tables, figures, illustrations if I am not the author?
How visible are the articles published with Research-publishing.net?

Legal deposit

What is legal deposit?
In which libraries are the publications deposited?

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