The year abroad: understanding the employability skills of the Global Graduate

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This chapter will examine the employability profile of outwardly mobile British graduates and the ways in which their international skillset fits the UK labour market. It will draw upon several recent reports to highlight the current shortage of professionals with such global skills. In this context, the chapter will demonstrate that internationally mobile British graduates can help meet this skill gap and that they are ideally suited to working in the current, increasingly-globalised UK economy. The chapter will also highlight the importance of describing the global skillset in a manner that conveys its value and uniqueness to employers effectively. Drawing upon the author’s experience managing international work placements at Sheffield Business School (SBS), it will be argued that many final year students and recent graduates fail to recognise the distinctiveness of their profiles. As job seekers, they typically define themselves through their language skills, whereas the enhanced competencies gained through the year abroad are often not understood or articulated appropriately. Therefore, the importance of a sharp focus on the global skills to reflect the higher demand for such attributes in the UK will be discussed.

Keywords: global graduate, employability, languages, year abroad, mobility.


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