Flip-J: development of the system for flipped jigsaw supported language learning

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Language: English

© 2016 Masanori Yamada, Yoshiko Goda, Kojiro Hata, Hideya Matsukawa, Seisuke Yasunami.

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This study aims to develop and evaluate a language learning system supported by the ‘flipped jigsaw’ technique, called ‘Flip-J’. This system mainly consists of three functions: (1) the creation of a learning material database, (2) allocation of learning materials, and (3) formation of an expert and jigsaw group. Flip-J was developed as the plugin of the learning management system Moodle, and the formative evaluation for its improvement was conducted in a language learning class. Learners were required to answer an open-ended questionnaire on the usability of Flip-J after three weeks of flipped jigsaw classes, and the instructor was interviewed by the researcher. The results highlighted several areas for improvement, such as ‘unfriendly interface of discussion plugin’ and ‘translation function’, which will be incorporated in forthcoming classes. The instructor pointed out issues such as the learners seemed to face difficulties in using the discussion plugin and role management in Flip-J.

Keywords: flipped learning, jigsaw method, open educational resources, instructional design.


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