YELL/TELL: online community platform for teacher professional development

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© 2016 Ivana Marenzi, Maria Bortoluzzi, Rishita Kalyani.

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The community platform Young/Teen English Language Learners (YELL/TELL), as mentioned by Bortoluzzi and Marenzi (2014) was “developed to respond to the needs of collaboration and sharing among trainee teachers, school teachers, teacher trainers and researchers in the field of language learning for English [as a Foreign or Second Language (FL/SL)]” (p.182). The current study focuses on ethnographic observation and data gathered during a workshop for professional development organised for experienced teachers. We compare the evidence of the teachers’ actions, with the analysis of their perception about their professional use of the online environment and their critical reflection about the experience.

Keywords: teacher professional development, lifelong learning, collaboration, evaluation-driven approach.


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