Employability for languages: a handbook

Edited by Erika Corradini, Kate Borthwick, Angela Gallagher-Brett.


DOI: 10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.9781908416384
Permalink: https://doi.org/10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.9781908416384
Publication date: 2016-06-25
Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 4.0
Language: English

© 2016 Erika Corradini, Kate Borthwick, Angela Gallagher-Brett.

Employability for languages: a handbook

Book description

Languages sit firmly in the skill-set of the 21st-century graduate. In an increasingly multicultural and multilingual job market, monolingual graduates are at a disadvantage: as the recent Born Global report (2016) notes, ‘multilingualism has now become the new normal’. The contributions in this collection are imbued with this idea and they demonstrate clearly and practically how languages are an aid to global communication. The aim of this book is to provide a space to bring together expertise and good academic practice for the benefit of educators and academic audiences. We therefore hope that the contributions in this collection will continue to inspire practitioners in the education sectors to embed employability skills into their curricula of studies, from as early as secondary school into higher education.

Table of contents

Notes on contributors
Corradini, Erika; Borthwick, Kate; Gallagher-Brett, Angela.
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p. vi
Corradini, Erika; Borthwick, Kate; Gallagher-Brett, Angela.
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p. xviii
Kelly, Michael.
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p. xix
Introduction to languages and employability skills
Corradini, Erika; Borthwick, Kate; Gallagher-Brett, Angela.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.455 | Export citation
p. 1
Why languages make business sense
Fernández-Sánchez, Raquel.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.456 | Export citation
p. 11
Language in the workplace: combining academic study with work experience
Lugea, Jane.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.457 | Export citation
p. 17
Work placements for languages students: a transformative experience
Organ, Alison.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.458 | Export citation
p. 25
Intercultural language learning at work: a student-designed module
Sadoux, Marion.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.459 | Export citation
p. 29
Independent work placements as a gateway to the world of work
Biasini, Rosalba; Bohm, Anke; Rabadán-Gómez, Marina.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.460 | Export citation
p. 39
Work based learning in intercultural settings: a model in practice
Leeming, David Elvis; Iglesias Mora, Maria Dolores.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.461 | Export citation
p. 43
The International Languages and Science Careers Fair: focussing minds and making connections
Orr, Natalie; Birtchnell, Matthew.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.462 | Export citation
p. 47
Careers Using Languages: how to set up a conference for schools
Hayes, Alison.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.463 | Export citation
p. 51
‘Professional Contexts for Modern Languages’: work experience and academic reflection in a multilingual context
Gomez-Cash, Olga.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.464 | Export citation
p. 57
Career adventures from learning languages
Kaye, Paul.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.465 | Export citation
p. 69
The Professional Linguist: language skills for the real world
Murata, Mary.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.466 | Export citation
p. 73
Real language meets real business
Muirhead, Bill; Schechter, Sarah.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.467 | Export citation
p. 83
You’re the business – a custom-made business challenge for modern languages students
Penet, Jean-Christophe.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.468 | Export citation
p. 87
Plan your future! Career management skills for students of languages
Randall, Laurence.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.469 | Export citation
p. 95
Communicating and teaching languages: a module for life
Koglbauer, René; Andersen, Elizabeth; Stewart, Sophie.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.470 | Export citation
p. 103
Get that job! A project on the German job application process
Magedera-Hofhansl, Hanna.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.471 | Export citation
p. 113
How to: preparing to find a job as a Spanish teacher in the UK
Belmonte Talero, Gemma Carmen.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.472 | Export citation
p. 117
SOS employability: a support structure for language students
Quince, Eleanor; Minney, James; Medland, Charlotte; Rock, Francesca.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.473 | Export citation
p. 123
Is developing employability skills relevant to adult language students?
Beaven, Tita.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.474 | Export citation
p. 133
Up-skilling through e-collaboration
Huc-Hepher, Saskia; Huertas Barros, Elsa.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.475 | Export citation
p. 139
The employability advantage: embedding skills through a university-wide language programme
Cervi-Wilson, Tiziana; Brick, Billy.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.476 | Export citation
p. 149
Spanish for business: a journey into employability
Lallana, Amparo; Pastor-González, Victoria.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.477 | Export citation
p. 155
Learning by teaching: developing transferable skills
Stollhans, Sascha.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.478 | Export citation
p. 161
Opening doors to teaching: understanding the profession
Langner, Jonas; Zhok, Andrea.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.479 | Export citation
p. 165
Leadership and languages: inspiring young linguists
Hawkes, Rachel; Schechter, Sarah.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.480 | Export citation
p. 171
The age of the monolingual has passed: multilingualism is the new normal
Holmes, Bernardette.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.481 | Export citation
p. 181
Author index
Corradini, Erika; Borthwick, Kate; Gallagher-Brett, Angela.
doi:10.14705/rpnet.2016.cbg2016.482 | Export citation
p. 188

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